Personnel Struggles


I believe some of us feel compelled to tell someone some of the thing’s we are struggling with personally, especially to those who we know would somewhat understand us. It’s not that we crave attention, or sympathy, but that someone will understand and bring comfort in our time of need. As a society we don’t take humility all that well, instead we become defensive of the struggles we face. We struggle because we don’t have the heart to face the humiliation that comes when we admit what is truly going on in our lives. Even the greatest of saints were known for their humility, which should tell you that we shouldn’t be ashamed of some of the thing’s we struggle with. Someone once said to me that I was like an open book, which made me cringe. That was the last thing I wanted, I didn’t want people to be able to tell that there was something wrong with me just because they looked at me. Here’s why, if someone was able to tell that there was something wrong with me then I would feel compelled to tell them what is going on. Now I’m not saying that talking to someone about whatever it is you’re going through, but I want you to know that it’s also okay to not have to tell anybody. Sometimes healing comes from within, not from someone else all the time.

It’s okay to have those moments where all you can do is break down, and believe me God hears you loud and clear. Your struggle becomes a testimony, something that is a part of you that you can share with someone else who is going through the same thing’s as you are. You have no idea how much you struggle can impact a person in a glorious way, even if we consider our past as a struggle. Our past has a lot tell, but it’s only for us to tell it.

Have any of you read the book “The Fault In Our Stars?” There’s a quote in there that I love, and this is what it says…

“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.”

Pain demands to be felt regardless how much it scares you to admit that you’re hurting. If we didn’t know pain, then we would never know what joy truly feels like (another quote from The Fault In Our Stars). We live because we all have a story to tell, to share with those who are looking for something greater than where they’re at in life. We should never settle for something that seems comfortable, we should be reaching out into the unknown igniting the darkness with the light we have. We have so much to offer, you have so much to offer. If only you would realize the potential you carry…you can do mighty thing’s with God.


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