Nothing Can Separate You From My Love. <3


I love the very last part of Isaiah 49:15-16 where it says “your walls are ever before me”. 

As we go through life we have this tendency of building these walls, shielding us from hurt, pain, confusion, bitterness, and the list could go on and on. There are certain parts in our life that we refuse to deal with, and yet we wonder why we act the way we do.Some of us would rather forget and move on, we act as if everything is going to be okay if we just ignore it. It’s like ignoring a deep cut, if we don’t properly care for that cut it could get infected which would make matters even worse. It’s never easy facing the skeletons in our closet, there are thing’s that our hearts are not up to dealing with. Relationships go unanswered, family members refuse to talk with us, and our friends turn their backs on us. Someone may give you the advice in walking away from the situation, but what are we accomplishing by walking away? Nothing. I understand that we can only do so much to better the situation, but you have to realize that the effort you put in does not go unrecognized. Love is a struggle, forgiveness is a struggle, and sometimes being kind can be a struggle. 

We all have thing’s we have never fully dealt with, if we continue to be ignorant than we will never fully understand ourselves. Maybe you’ve prayed on the situation, but in your eyes nothing happened. We never give God the time He needs to work on the thing’s we prayed for, we would rather have our prayers be heard instantly and answered. 

Got puts us through certain situations, not to harm us, but to shape and mold us in His glorious image. He knows what He’s doing, and most importantly he knows what’s best for us. Every wall we’ve ever built has clearly been labeled for Jesus to read, and for Him to knock down those walls without any hesitation whatsoever. His love knows no bounds. No matter how far we try to run away from Him, Jesus will always be there to meet us with arms wide open. 

I used to hear people say that they’re going on vacation to get away from their problems, but here’s the thing. Their problems that they left behind will be there waiting at home for them, and may not realize that the situation may have gotten worse over time (I literally had to google the difference between Worst and Worse lol….okay moving on). As you can see being ignorant, running away, and building up walls within does not solve anything. We have to be willing to stand up, and face the giants in our lives. We were made to be victorious! 

We’re all going through something, but if you would just tare down those walls that you have built over the years and let God in, He can do miraculous thing’s for you. If you refuse to knock down those walls, then He will do knock them down for you. He will love you through it all, regardless of where you’re at in life.

Hey everyone! I couldn’t wait until Friday to write this blog, I began writing this topic last week Friday right after I ready my daily devotional journal. It was the entry that I was on that inspired me to write all of this, but before I had something totally different written for you all. It’s just that God gave me something else to write, and so that’s how this topic came to life for me. Also! As you can see my blog has a new look to it, all of my social media sites are down at the very bottom of my blog page. I plan on buying my own domain sometime next month…hopefully. I just want to be able to have access to more features, to make my blog stand out and more interesting for you all. Anyways, hope you all have a good day! 🙂


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