About My Blog

I’m not much of a writer, nor would I even dare to consider myself as a professional one. Basically, I love to write. Thinking In The Deep came to me as I was thinkingΒ (how ironic right?).

Thinking In The Deep really portrays who I am as a person, I am one who overthinks the littlest things in life and it can be aboutΒ anything. It can end up being a good thing, or even a bad thing. So I thought I’d share with you as to what goes on in my head and in my heart, and pray that I can reach someone by using my words or even by my testimonies.

At the end of each day, God is good.

So all in all I hope you’ll find my posts relatable, and encouraging.

If you have any questions, or you just want to simply talk, then you can reach me at mariajohn224@gmail.com.






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