Our Hidden Lusts


James 1:15…

Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

Lust creates a dark place within our hearts, and minds. It hides deep within, not wanting to be known. Lust is capable of consuming all that we have, all that we are, and can cause division with those closest to us. Lust can come in any form, and in any shape. It doesn’t just come to please, it leaves us with the feeling of unworthiness. Lusting after something, or someone is a great sin. It runs deep in our veins, and into our flesh.

Lust and sin are very much alike, but they both serve different meanings…in life and in the bible. The one we’re most acquainted with is the lust of life, and it’s become such a common factor in our lives. Shopping, coffee, t.v., movies, celebrities, money, porn, and there is so much more that people deal with on a daily basis. Now don’t get me wrong it’s perfectly ok to shop, drink coffee, and watch movies as long as you don’t make that the center of your life. Now viewing porn on the other hand is just a big no no.

God says to enjoy life, as long as we don’t serve other gods or make idols. We cannot please God if we are in the flesh.

I know all of this too well, and I say that from experience. If we come to God asking for His forgiveness, or healing…then this doesn’t mean that you can go back to that same thing that you asked deliverance from. God doesn’t work that way! He is aware of the sin you try so hard to hide every day…every night. At some point we’ll begin to crumble, guilt, and the shame will begin to settle within. God will wait us out until we cry out to Him. I cannot hide myself from God, and neither can you. You can try, but I guarantee you He’ll just pull your right back towards Him.

The thing that consumes us the most is what controls our lives. We are willing to make more time for our lust rather than make time for God. We become ignorant. It’s like we put on this mask to hide from those who may be able to point out that there’s something wrong with us, like we’re hiding something. The last thing we want to do is be honest about the one (maybe many) things that we do that aren’t right in God’s eyes. Let me say that whatever you’re hiding, whatever you’re keeping to yourself is only between you and God. No one else has to know about the very thing that troubles you most in life. Sin may run deep, but God’s grace runs deeper.

As I sit here typing all of this to you, hoping that I can reach out to someone…I myself have been dealing with something’s in my life that I’m not proud of. To the point where I feel like a failure to God, and I know He knows…He knows where my heart stands with Him. Yet he refuses to leave me, and instead decides to love me even more. He does the same for you when you aren’t sure where to go, or where you should hide. His arms are our refuge. He embraces us while the world tries to beat us. He is present in everything we do, and He is there when darkness has over cumbered our hearts.

You’ll never have to face the darkness on your own. Whatever consumes you, whatever hinders you from getting closer to God. He has you right where He wants you to be, an opportunity to tug at your heart, and to draw you back into His arms. While tears rush down your face, all the anger, sadness, frustration, and confusion…He wipes it all away.

God is good.   




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