The Sin Rooted Within

Romans 5:8 says…

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

We all face it, every day, every hour, and every second. From the moment we wake till the moment we fall asleep. Sin has a tight grip, and it doesn’t loosen unless it hears the name of Jesus roll off your tongue. Sin cringes at the sound of His name, it hides deep within our souls in fear of being exposed for who we really are.

We’re in a constant battle not only with ourselves, but with the demons that lurk within us. They creep up into our minds, making us think crazy thoughts, telling us we should do wrong instead of doing right. The devil lies to our faces, he loves to see us defeated…he enjoys watching us destroy ourselves while he sits back. If we allow the devil to seep through our minds, and heart, then we’ve given him permission to destroy all the good that we know. Once the devil knows he has a hold of you, he steps back and watches you as you hit rock bottom.

There’s a quote I once read somewhere, and it said “We tend to give the devil more credit than what we give God”. That quote could not be anymore true, because that’s what we do and we don’t even realize it at times. Sin has no dominion over you, for you are not under the law but under grace. Β We have to stop giving the devil our ear, because if we do that then he will never stop talking to us. The battle between yourself, and the devil isn’t a battle for you to fight. God takes your battle and make you victorious through them, and he can do the same thing for you through your sin. He digs deep to see what exactly is going on, and I’m sure whatever he finds isn’t always pretty…but God is more than willing to fix what you can’t.

He calls us by name and not by our sin.

You’re not alone, and whatever you may secretly be dealing with God knows all about. He’s just waiting for you to say something, and He waits and waits. What you allow is what will continue. One thing I will never ever do is blame God for the state I’m in, nor the sins that I commit.

So don’t be so hard on yourself. Each and every person you encounter with is fighting a battle…sometimes it’s more than just surface stuff. It goes beyond the surface, it’s usually sin that’s rooted within.


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