There Is Greatness In Your Weakness



We grow in our weakness, we come out stronger than from where we started. This is where we are faced with the situation on whether or not we are going to praise God in our weakness. Weakness gives us the opportunity to find ourselves, and to help us define where it is where we really stand in life. It helps us evaluate not only ourselves, but everything that is going on around us. Maybe you’ve recently lost a loved one, you’ve been diagnosed with some type of cancer, or even someone you know…love. There are many things that make us weak amongst many other emotions that follow.

“God uses the weak to lead the strong”.

I can’t remember if the quote I have inserted above is from a song, or from scripture. But it so deeply true in what it says. Β “God uses the weak to lead the strong” I always thought was a silly way of putting it, I actually thought it would be vise versa. “God uses the strong to lead the weak” doesn’t that make more sense? It does to me, but at the same time it just doesn’t sound right. Sometimes even the strong ones need a reminder of what it means to be humble, that not everyone is like them. Everyone expresses weakness differently, some fall into depression, which I believe is giving up the fight…as if there is no hope left. Some put on a mask, acting as if they’re ok. If you were to ask me on how I express my weakness, well then I’d tell you that I do in fact put on a mask. I wear a smile, I laugh with love, and I basically look put together. Like there is nothing wrong with me, when really I am falling apart inside.

“He yearns to hold us, to help us, and to listen to our restless beating hearts”.

While we’re falling apart God is using our brokenness to minister to another hurting soul. Some of us believe that we have no part in God’s kingdom, and that we will never find our true calling…that we’ll never find our place. Let me tell you, the only place you belong is in His arms. I strongly believe that those who are weak are beyond blessed, we just never see it that way. Instead we’re too focused on what is going on within ourselves, and never looking at what God is doing. Our weakness becomes our story, it becomes a part of us, it gives us the opportunity to reach out to those who are just as lost. There is greatness in your weakness whether you believe it or not, you’re worthy, you’re saved, you’re clean, and you’re fearfully and wonderfully made in His eyes. No one, not even the world can take that away from you unless you allow it to. He longs to talk with you from the morning you wake, until it’s time for you to go to bed. He waits and waits on us. There is someone willing to listen, but you just have to be willing to give your time to talk it out.

So stop running from your weakness, and instead embrace your weakness.

–Just wanted to let you all know that I do appreciate feedback, good or bad. You can send me an email anytime at I do respond, so don’t be afraid if you want to ask anything. πŸ™‚


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