Sustained in Sin


“I hate sin, but I built a house and I still live in it.”

A few posts back I talked about a song that tends to hit me like a ton of bricks each time I hear it. I pulled that lyric I quoted for many reasons, and not just because I can relate to it. Everyday I wake up and realized how far I’ve drifted from God, He sees it and I see it.

There are times in our lives where God allows us to go through certain situations, and sometimes those situations call us up out of our graves. At some point you’re going to wake up and something is telling you that you don’t need God, that you don’t need to read your bible, or even pray. Let me tell you something, at this point you’ve been consumed by your own lusts. The devil has you where he wants you to be, and he doesn’t plan on letting go as long as you keep away from reading the word.

It’s easy to get lost in this world, and to get caught up in things’ that we know we should abstain from. “But I’m human, I am bound to make mistakes”, and see I get that, but you should also be striving for His grace. I’m not perfect either, but to admire my own faults…and to embrace humility to it’s fullest. Is something that I don’t quite enjoy doing, but we have to get to that point. The thing’s we struggle with, deal with are the thing’s that we tend to allow to control us. As if we don’t have a say in what hurts us, or causes us to stumble in life. In most cases we don’t, but that’s part of life.

We are saturated in sin, and when we look in the mirror we can see how ugly our sin has made us. We begin to not like what we see after being out in this world too long, and the reason for that is because we continue to liveΒ in such a way that displeases God…but for some reason we begin to believe that it’s alright to sin. That it’s alright to go where we want to go, because in our eyes it’s the right way to go. At the end of the day we go to bed thinking/reflecting on where we’re at in life, and if where we are is where we really want to be. You may not understand everything right now, and maybe you have been praying for a breakthrough…but I believe God leaves us in certain situations to help us open up our eyes as to what is were really going through. Many of will not get the big picture right away, but that’s where the whole learning process steps in.

We can continue this road we are on, or just trust in God that he will help carry us through our tribulations…that He will sustain us…strengthen us through our weakness. You have the freedom to choose, don’t ever forget that… no matter how hard or difficult it may seem. You have a choice.

The meaning us Sustain:

-Strengthen or support physically or mentally.

-Undergo or suffer


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