I’ll Keep On – By NF

7a07d81fab11f103da69ad4505ecdbc2To start this blog off I was anticipating on blogging about my prayer journal, but to be honest I haven’t even started yet. There’s this song that I heard the other day in my car while on my way to work, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The words that were being said I could very well relate to, and the fact that it speaks a lot of truth. I think the whole song is amazing, but there’s a verse that I really love and it speaks volumes for me.

Here it is…

Trust is something I am not accustomed to
And I know the Bible says I should always trust in You

But, I don’t never read that book enough
And when I have a question I don’t take the time to look it up
Or pick it up
It collects dust on my nightstand
I’m just being honest
Please take this outta my hands

I have no control – I am just a person
But thank the Lord that I serve a God that’s perfect
I do not deserve the opportunity you’ve given me
I never knew what freedom was until I learned what prison means
I am not ashamed, I don’t care if they remember me

My life will always have a hole, if You are not the centerpiece
Take me out of bondage, take all of my pride
If I don’t have a Savior, I don’t have nothing inside
Take all of my lust, take all of my lies
There’s no better feeling than when I look in the sky, in your eyes
It’s amazing

Β This song holds so much meaning for me, to the point where I feel conviction within. “But I don’t ever read that book enough” is the main verse that really hits me, but I acknowledge my faults when it comes to my walk with God. I know where I stand, and where ever it is you think you may stand, just know you’re never fully alone. We all fall short of the glory of God. It’s admitting our wrong, truth truly sets the heart free no matter the pain that comes with. He sees my imperfections as perfections, as if there was nothing wrong in the first place. There are times where I break down because I am aware of how ignorant I can be towards God, and not to mention He has been nothing but good to me. I’m sure we’ve all been here, but do we ever act on it? Do we ever take the time to acknowledge our faults?

That’s what this songs makes me think about when I hear it, it’s a reminder of now how much of a bad person I am, but that God is a forgiving God. We all fall away at some point in our lives, whether it’d be a couple of weeks, months, and sometimes even years. God will always be there with arms wide open, looking for that embrace from his child. We give up, but He doesn’t.


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