Giving In….


Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel? Did you ever want to give up on a certain situation, mainly because you were tired of dealing with it all?

Life has a certain way of getting to us, it has a way of destroying us when we’re at our lowest. Some of the thing’s we face in life can make us feel like we’re drowning, and that there’s no way out. From the mother who is trying to accomplish everything while her children runΒ all over the place, to the fatherΒ who is trying his best to support his family with all that he can give.

We all struggle, we all want to give up at some point, and it has come to my attention that the easiest way out is to give up. Some of us even think that by ignoring a situation, or even multiple situations will all eventually disappear. The thing’s we don’t deal with will eventually being to eat away at us, the guilt, the stress, the anger, and Β I could keep going. What do we accomplish when we bring up the word “divorce” in a marriage? Now don’t get me wrong, some marriages that end are due to the fact that their partner may have been violent/aggressive. When I mention “divorce” in this paragraph, I’m referring to those marriages that end because it didn’t go as planned, or the love has some how disappeared.

The thing’s we give up on, are small in Gods eyes. We have this tendency to make our situations bigger than what they already are, no wonder why we feel like we’re drowning at times. In Psalms 9:9-10 states…

The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that see thee.

If we could only put our trust in God, and know that no matter how hard life may seem to get…that He’ll always be there for us. Thank God for the good time, thank God for the bad times. I may not be able to explain why He does some of the thing’s He does, but I trust that it’s for the good, and not the bad. No matter where you may be in life right now, whether you’re going through a divorce, or you’re hurt, angry, scared, worried, or just completely and utterly lost. Look to Him, and I can guarantee you won’t regret the talk you will have with Him. Trust, and you’ll be okay.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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