What Happens After the Wedding?


Considering I am not married, I do not have the answer to my own question “what happens after the wedding?”.

I’d like to think that after the wedding, everything will be peachy. The honeymoon will be amazing, every moment spent with one another will be magical, and each decision will be easier to make. Now I know everything that I just mentioned is far from what really happens after the wedding. There might be some disagreements, the honeymoon may not all be as it may seem, and the decision that you decide to make may differ from your spouses decision.

I have never seen a divorce take place in my life, but I’ve heard some through out my lifetime. A divorce can be ugly, or it can even be civil from what I’ve heard. I had stated in my last post how “nothing lasts forever”, and sadly marriage has the audacity to fit that category. Marriage seems to have no meaning anymore, there’s no real commitment that is made between the man and woman.

I was reading an article not to long ago oh how this man was questioning on why he can’t stay in love with the one he marries. He said “majority of my marriages have ended in divorce, and after my third divorce I couldn’t help but wonder why can’t I stay in love?”. From the way I read the article, it sounded like the problem wasn’t him or the woman he married…it seemed as if after the marriage the twoΒ drifted away from one another.

I have to admit, I’ve dreamed of having the most perfect wedding ever since I was introduced to Pinterest. Then I realized something, I seemed to be more focused on the perfection of planning my own wedding rather than thinking about whom I’m going to marry. There has to be more feeling towards the person you’re marrying, it shouldn’t be just about planning the perfect wedding. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that the person we’re marrying, is the person we’ll spend the rest of our life with. That’s not such a bad idea, don’t you think?

There’s not much left to say here, but I hope you take something away from all of this.


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